Challenging the necessity of citing EN ISO 12100

EN ISO 12100 compliance - Knox Thomas

“The client wants me to reference EN ISO 12100 compliance, but they have no idea what this means…” In the world of machinery safety and compliance, EN ISO 12100 is a fundamental standard. However, it’s not uncommon for clients, or more often their customers, to request compliance with this standard without understanding what it is […]

Salsus Design & Knox Thomas

Product Design - Salsus Design & Knox Thomas

Navigating Product Safety and Compliance: Knox Thomas Consultancy Assists Salsus Design with CE Marking In today’s intricate marketplace, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and standards is crucial for any product aiming to succeed. Recently, Knox Thomas had the pleasure of working with Salsus Design, a renowned product design agency, to navigate the complex landscape of […]

Navigating Machinery Safety and Compliance Through Effective Product Testing

Product Testing - Knox Thomas

At Knox Thomas, we specialise in helping clients navigate the complexities of product testing, market legislation and in-service legislation. We provide comprehensive support for CE marking, UKCA marking, and PUWER compliance, often assessing machinery for compliance and providing detailed non-compliance reports. This article focuses on the role of product testing in ensuring machinery safety and […]

Enhancing Machinery Safety Through Effective Procurement Training

Machinery Procurement & Safety - Knox Thomas

Ensuring machinery safety and compliance is a critical aspect for any manufacturer. At Knox Thomas, we specialize in supporting our clients with CE marking, UKCA marking, and PUWER compliance. One key area that often goes overlooked, yet plays a crucial role in machinery safety and compliance, is the procurement department. In this article, we highlight […]

Understanding Perceived Risk in Machinery Safety: Petrol vs Electric Chainsaws…

Chainsaw Safety - Knox Thomas

In the realm of machinery safety, the concept of perceived risk plays a pivotal role in shaping attitudes towards safety practices and compliance with regulations. As a machinery safety consultant, it’s essential to recognize how individuals perceive risks associated with different types of machinery. A prime example of this can be observed in the contrasting […]