Your guide to health & safety compliance
Health and Safety - About Knox Thomas

Why KnoxThomas?

Our approach to health and safety is stakeholder driven because we know that there are many different drivers behind the aspiration for compliance depending on the stakeholders involved.

We deliver tailored and pragmatic solutions knowing no one solution is suitable for all requirements, we provide for customer needs rather than focusing on the delivery of set products.

We understand compliance can be neglected, therefore, we are swift and responsive to customer requirement.

It is this holistic stakeholder approach to compliance which differentiates what we do.

“Business should be virtuous, doing good for the world; enriching all stakeholders. We believe in integrity and the pursuit of value generation with a can-do attitude through extensive knowledge to provide fast, pragmatic solutions in a more connected way for our clients. Our aim is to be the first go-to partner for health & safety and compliance assistance.”

“KnoxThomas was founded to assist manufacturers navigate legal complexities, design and manufacture products in compliance with legislation and avoid pitfalls presented by regulatory requirements. Therefore, easing the path to certification and market entry.”

Your Pathway to Compliance with KnoxThomas

Renowned for our authoritative grasp of legislation and compliance, we empower Directors and Senior Engineers to effortlessly navigate product market entry and ensure adherence to vital legislation.

Count on us for unparalleled industry insight and a legacy of excellence. Global giants like Siemens, Mitsubishi, Cadbury, GE, and Rockwool trust KnoxThomas to guide them through the intricate maze of regulations.

Our role extends beyond mere compliance. We’ve collaborated closely with Siemens, Bowe, and Osbit, assisting in crafting internal legislation policies, showcasing our commitment to fostering internal cultures of excellence.

At KnoxThomas, we simplify the complex, offering more than just consultancy; we’re partners in your journey to engineering success. Let us streamline processes, unravel complexities, and lead you toward a future of triumph. Join us and elevate your path to innovation – KnoxThomas is your compass to a compliant and prosperous tomorrow.