Compliance Gap Analysis

Identifying the gaps and risks in your machinery.

We conduct meticulous compliance gap analysis and reporting of your machinery and products.

At KnoxThomas, we recognize the challenge and complexity of ensuring machinery and product is compliant with legal requirements, especially with regard to market legislation such as CE/UKCA marking. With over 20 EU Directives and the equivalent number of UK Statutory Instruments, along with hundreds of harmonised stipulating technical requirements, becoming and staying compliant can be complex. Our expert team is dedicated to identifying non-compliances, providing you with precise compliance reports, and offering guidance to ensure your machinery and products meet all legal prerequisites.

With KnoxThomas, you can trust that your business can focus on its strengths while we handle the intricacies of compliance.

Initial Assessment

Compliance Gap Analysis for CE/UKCA Marking Legislation: Ensuring Machinery Compliance with Confidence

Understanding the state of compliance of your machinery is a critical step in declaring your machinery or product’s compliance. At KnoxThomas, we bring expertise in assessing a vast array of machinery, from offshore wind turbines to industrial processing lines and professional landscaping machinery. Our specialised compliance gap analysis is designed to identify your machines current state of compliance and how to close the gap on the requirements to achieve certification.


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01. Efficient Identification of Requirements

We swiftly pinpoint the relevant CE/UKCA legislation and harmonized/designated standards that apply to your specific machinery, simplifying the compliance requirement process for you.

02. Focus on Compliance Alignment

Our comprehensive gap analysis assessment enables you to see precisely where you need to concentrate your efforts to achieve compliance and certification for your machinery.

03. Guidance on achieving certification

Once we’ve conducted the gap analysis, we provide clear guidance on the specific technical requirements you need to fulfil, how to address non-compliance areas effectively, helping you achieve full compliance.

04. Assured Legal Compliance

With our guidance, you can swiftly attain compliance using the simplest means, knowing that your machinery fully meets the necessary legal requirements for placement on the market or putting it into use.

With KnoxThomas’ “knowledge and help we now have a more robust understanding of the certification process, applicable market regulations, and more importantly a compliant product.”

How we can help

At KnoxThomas, our compliance gap analysis empowers your business to navigate CE/UKCA marking legislation with confidence. By focusing on areas of improvement and providing tailored guidance, we ensure your machinery meets all necessary compliance requirements efficiently. Achieve compliance assurance and confidently place your legally compliant products onto the market or into service. Contact us today to embark on a smooth and compliant future for your machinery products.