Market Legislation Support

Seamlessly navigating market legislation.

We provide specialised market legislation support for your business.

At KnoxThomas, we recognize the challenges and complexities that come with navigating market legislation, especially concerning CE/UKCA marking, which involves over 20 EU Directives and the equivalent number of UK Statutory Instruments.

Our mission is to provide you with specialized “Market Legislation Support” tailored to your unique machinery / product requirements, while considering your commercial driving factors and stakeholders. With our expert guidance, your compliance journey becomes seamless and allows you to focus back on what’s important.

Understanding Client Needs

We know that every client’s needs and goals are unique to them. To ensure we deliver tangible value, we start by understanding your specific machinery and business, including your commercial drivers, strategic objectives, and stakeholder considerations.

By aligning our support with your distinctive requirements, we provide tailored solutions that add measurable value to your organization.

Health and Safety Legislation UK - Knox Thomas
Health and Safety Legislation UK - Knox Thomas

Streamlining Compliance

Our team of experts possesses in-depth knowledge of the machinery legislation landscape. This enables us to streamline the compliance process, making it more efficient and effective for you. By minimizing complexities and uncertainties, we help you save valuable time and resources, empowering you to concentrate on your core business activities.

Navigating the Complexity of Legislation

Understanding what the law requires can be intricate, particularly with numerous CE/UKCA regulations to consider. It is crucial to distinguish what is applicable and what is not. The scope of these 20 plus items of legislation for both the UK and EU can be time-consuming and often uncertain when determining if your product or machine falls within scope or qualifies for an exclusion.

You may be surprised to learn that CE/UKCA marking follows a self-certification process for the vast majority of products. While the machinery legislation lists 23 specific machine types requiring third-party notified body involvement, the scope of these machines is narrow. As a result, most machines under the machinery legislation do not require external certification.

Health and Safety Legislation UK - Knox Thomas

Our Support Services Cover:

01. Self-Certification Guidance

For the majority of products, we ensure you understand and follow the self-certification process, saving time and resources.

02. Legislation Scope Identification

We help you identify the applicable high-level legislation and discern which regulations are relevant to your machinery products.

03. Harmonized/Designated Standards

Understand the specific harmonized/designated standards that apply to your product or machinery, ensuring you meet all necessary requirements.

04. Compliance Gap Assessment

Our experts conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify any non-compliances and guide you on how to rectify them effectively.

05. Technical File Support

We assist you in reviewing and building a robust technical file that justifies compliance, an essential component of the CE/UKCA marking process.

06. Declaration of Conformity

We assist in generating the Declaration of Conformity, cementing your commitment to compliance.

KnoxThomas’ “comprehensive understanding of applicable legislation enabled us to fulfill our customer requirements for certification of the machinery.”

How we can help?

For a free initial consultation simply book an appointment via our meeting system, or fill out the contact form to email us. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

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