Safety & Risk Assessment

Minimising risk and maximising safety across your organisation.

Legal Health and Safety Requirements

We help you comply with the legal requirement of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) with respect to your machinery and processes.

Initial Assessment

Our safety and risk assessment process begins with a comprehensive overview of your machinery and equipment. Our experienced consultants collaborate closely with your team to gain a deep understanding of your operational processes, machinery types, and potential hazards. This initial assessment sets the foundation for a targeted and effective risk assessment.

Safety and Risk Assessment
Safety & Risk Assessment - KnoxThomas

Hazard Identification

Our experts conduct a meticulous review of your machinery to identify all potential hazards. This includes analysing mechanical, electrical, and ergonomic aspects, as well as considering human factors and operational contexts. By assessing hazards against industry best practices and current standards, we ensure that processes and machinery meet necessary industry requirements.

Evaluation of Existing Controls

We evaluate the effectiveness of your current safety measures and control systems. This step helps us understand if existing controls adequately mitigate identified risks or if further enhancements are needed. Our goal is to build upon your existing safety framework while introducing improvements where necessary.

Safety and Risk Assessment - KnoxThomas

Recommendations and Action Plan

Based on the hazard analysis and control evaluation, we provide you with a comprehensive set of recommendations. These recommendations may include engineering controls, administrative measures, personal protective equipment (PPE) suggestions, training needs, and more. We endeavour to understand your team and their needs so as to develop an actionable plan that aligns with your operational goals.

Ongoing Review and Continuous Improvement

Safety is not a one-time effort. We advocate for regular reviews of your machinery’s risk assessment. As technology evolves and operations change, new risks may emerge. Our consultants ensure that your risk assessment remains up-to-date and effective, providing you with peace of mind as you prioritise safety.

Safety and Risk Assessment - KnoxThomas

KnoxThomas’ work ”has enabled us to demonstrate to regulators (the HSE) that we are compliant.”

How we can help?

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Safety and Risk Assessment - KnoxThomas