Additive Manufacturing Safety

Ensuring compliance and safety for innovative additive manufacturing machine for use in remote locations.

The Challenge - additive manufacturing

Innovative Technology

The novel additive manufacturing machine introduced innovative 3D metal printing technology, which had not been addressed by existing regulations and standards.

Complex Systems

The machine’s operation relied on the seamless integration of numerous complex systems. Therefore making it imperative to ensure that all components worked harmoniously for safe and effective operation.

Credibility and Legal Mandates

Compliance with market legislation and safety standards was essential not only for our client’s legal market entry but also to establish credibility and customer confidence in the product.

The approach - additive manufacturing

A comprehensive approach was embarked on to ensure that our client could successfully navigate the challenges and moreover achieve their market objectives:

Regulatory Assessment

An in-depth analysis was conducted of UK and EU regulations related to additive manufacturing, industrial machinery, and safety standards. This enabled us to identify applicable existing regulations and anticipate potential compliance issues.

Gap Analysis

We also performed a thorough gap analysis examining the legislation and the product considering both the operation of the machine itself and the unique challenges posed by its remote deployment. This enabled the pinpointing of potential safety hazards and regulatory concerns.

Customised Compliance Plan

With insights from the regulatory and gap analysis assessments, we developed a customised compliance plan that outlined the specific steps needed to address regulatory gaps, mitigate risks, and also achieve safety requirements.

Systems Integration Review

Given the complexity of the technology’s components, we conducted a detailed review of the machine’s systems integration to ensure seamless operation and moreover adherence to safety standards.

Investigation and Certification

We facilitated comprehensive investigation of the additive manufacturing machine to ensure its performance met safety and regulatory requirements. Subsequently, we supported the client in developing the necessary technical justification and compliance documentation.

Results and Benefits - additive manufacturing

Collaborative efforts yielded remarkable results for the client:

01. Successful Compliance

Through diligent assessment and strategic planning, the additive manufacturing machine was brought into full compliance with market legislation and safety standards.

02. Market Entry

With compliance achieved, we were able to legally introduce their innovative technology to the market. This not only demonstrated their commitment to safety but also positioned them as a pioneer in the industry.

03. Credibility and Customer Confidence

Compliance and safety certification served as powerful marketing tools, bolstering credibility and instilling confidence among potential customers and partners.

The outcome - Additive manufacturing

From a ground breaking concept to a market-ready innovative additive manufacturing machine was a fantastic journey, supported throughout by our machinery compliance consultancy expertise. By addressing regulatory challenges, ensuring safety, and achieving compliance, a pivotal role was played in positioning our client as a market leader and enabling them to provide essential 3D printed metal components in remote areas with unprecedented efficacy. Compliance became not just a legal requirement but a cornerstone of their market success and credibility.