Cement Mixing Truck Safety

Achieving machinery safety certification and compliance for cement mixing trucks.

The Challenge - cement mixing trucks

The primary objective was to achieve certification for our client and their cement mixing truck product through ensuring its compliance with market legislation and industry standards. This comprehensive compliance assessment aimed to bolster the OEM’s reputation for producing safe and reliable equipment while gaining greater market presence.

The approach - cement mixing truck safety

With so many variables it was key that our approach was as comprehensive as possible. From an initial discovery & Planning phases to Implementation & Training, our work with this manufacturer and their cement mixing truck included:

Initial evaluation and research. An exhaustive evaluation by studying the client’s technical documentation, including design drawings, operational processes, and safety systems was conducted.

On-site inspection. Including observation of the cement mixer’s production process, assessment of potential safety hazards, and evaluation of the efficacy of the existing safety measures.

Thorough risk assessment. Comprehensive analysis of potential hazards including pinch points, entanglement hazards, any EN ISO 13849 failures, operator access and more.

Safety standards alignment. Focusing on technical detail, the cement mixer’s design, components, and safety features were compared against relevant safety standards and regulations.

Tailored safety solutions. Comprehensive set of tailored safety solution guidelines was developed for the business covering design modifications, roll out of emergency stop buttons, enhanced operator access and improved safety communication.

Training and documentation. The team were given in-depth training to implement our recommendations and maintain compliance. We also assisted with the creation of comprehensive documentation handling processes. 

Results and Benefits - cement mixing truck safety

Through enlisting external expertise, our client successfully achieved certification and full compliance with market legislation and industry safety standards. The cement mixer’s enhanced safety features not only met stringent requirements but also positioned the OEM as a frontrunner in safety-conscious construction equipment manufacturing. The partnership led to several key benefits:

01. Market Presence

Armed with certification, they seamlessly grew their market presence, opening doors to untapped opportunities and increased revenue streams.

02. Customer Trust

The OEM’s commitment to safety and compliance bolstered its reputation as a trusted and reliable manufacturer. Customers consciously know the brand places importance on safety as a top priority.

03. Competitive Advantage

Differentiating itself from competitors, the brand stood out for its safety-first approach and state-of-the-art cement mixer design.

The outcome - cement mixing truck safety

Through the consultancy assessment and support, our transformed its cement mixer into a paragon of safety, achieving certification and compliance with market legislation and industry standards, including The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulation 2008 and EN 12609:2021; Truck Mixers. Safety Requirements. The partnership has opened new avenues for market presence. Through a steadfast commitment to safety and a strategic partnership within the certification and compliance space, we secured its position as a trusted and sought-after name in the materials transportation market.